Sunday, August 28, 2016

Personal Challenge - Day One

Over the years, I've been a fan of "The Secret".  If you don't know what this is, I recommend you go over to YouTube and watch the first 20 minutes of the video here:

Basically, it pertains to the Laws of Attraction where what you hold in your mind, whether real or not, becomes real.  So, if you want to lose weight, you say to yourself you are the weight you want to be and keep repeating it until you believe it.  When you believe it, the 'power(s) that is/be' makes it happen, and you'll reach the goal.  Same applies to wanting to make $X per week, month, or year.  If you get to a point that you believe it, it will happen.  Sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, right?  Well... not so fast.

I honestly have seen it in action in my life.  Sadly, while it has worked for me, I neglect keeping it up, it falls to the wayside, and I fall back into my limiting beliefs.  How has it worked, you ask?  I'll give ya three examples:

  • Before I left my ex-husband, I had a sports car I owned out right but the car wasn't practical for where I was moving since I needed a little more room.  I needed an SUV but because I was self-employed, financing would be a pain.  A month before I left, I wrote down what I wanted, that I'd have to spend NO money on it, and made it a point to think about it as often as possible.  "I am so happy and thankful now that I have a nice SUV instead of a car."  It got to the point that I knew I would have that SUV... and on the 29th day... the day before I was leaving... I found someone with a nice SUV that was looking to trade it for a sports car.  It was worth exactly what my car was... so after we met and checked each other's vehicles out, we swapped titles.  Ta da!  I had my SUV with only ONE day to spare!
  • I wanted to be a best-selling author.  I wrote this goal down and made a point to think about it every moment I could.  A few weeks go by and I stumble upon an author looking to make a paranormal romance box set with a few other authors.  I submit my work and she accepts it, along with manuscripts from three authors that are already best-sellers (and not just on Amazon either... I'm talking NY Times best-sellers!)  Move forward two months... and our box-set collaboration hits number #1 in our genre on Amazon!  Now I'm a best-selling author!
  • Tired of dating men that weren't perfect for me (I've always been one to believe in my 'soulmate')... and tired of dating in general, I made a list of every possible quality I could want in a man: height, interests, personality, income... even getting as specific as to eye color and that he should have dimples!  I ended up with a list of 24 qualities and set a goal of two months to find my "Mr. Wonderful".  I read my list as often as I could, but by the end of the first month, life got in my way and I forgot about my list.  I met and went out with a couple of duds, but get this... after the 3rd date with a guy I was growing quite fond of, I stumbled upon my list... and he had all but 1 thing missing!  (He's since gained that one thing he was lacking!)  AND I met him EXACTLY one month after the 'due' date!  I met him on January 13th, 2015... and he is the most amazing person I've ever met - my lover, my best friend... and the father of a son I always wanted but never thought I could have.  :)
I have other examples of what some people just call chance or happenstance working, but for sake of time, I'll leave it at that.  I'm bringing it up now because I have been working on 'The Secret' for a couple of weeks now.  My goal was to bring in $1,000 per week, and I've been telling myself I would by the 27th of August.  On the 26th... wouldn't you know it... I was contacted by someone that needed some design work on a regular basis... and it would equate to $800 per week.  Yes, it is $200 short, BUT I've noticed that if I 'ask' for money, it usually falls 20% short of my goal.  

Current goal - I've set a goal for $1,800 per week by October 1st.  (I want $1,500.)  What I need to do for this to happen is repeat "I am so happy and thankful now that I am making over $1,800 per week, every week, through various sources, as of October 1st, 2016!" as often as I think about it throughout the day.  I also will be thinking about how great it feels to be making that money.  This is a little over a 30-day challenge, so that's what I'll be calling it.  Feel free to follow along or make your own 30-day goal!

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